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  Starting your own Record Label

VmusicBook Inc, a New York based music and entertainment consultancy was founded by a group of experienced music industry professionals. Together, they have managed dozens of well-known acts, worked with major record companies such as Universal Music, EMI and SonyBMG selling more than 5 million albums worldwide

Topics Included:
The Hip Hop Music Business & Industry
Starting a Music Label
Songwriters and Publishers
Innovation & Creativity for Hip Hop Musicians
Creating a Music Industry Research Plan
Hip Hop A&R Contacts
Hip Hop Production Tips
Publishing Music & Songs
Becoming a Music Business Manager
Music Producer Careers
Music Business Plan Template
Music Business Terms
Marketing Music Online
Hip-Hop Entrepreneurship
Pitching Music to Record Labels
Copyright Protection
Association & Music Societies
Mechanical & Digital Licenses
Digital Music Distribution
Legal Music Contracts

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